Tuesday, August 21, 2018

3D Printed Death Star Utility Holder: Revised

Challenge: This is an updated version of the previous post.   This was the revised changes that were suggested at the end of the details of the previous print.
Background: The previous print had the name of the person on the reverse of the base (adjusted).   There was also the storage issue - in the original, while the intention had been for the storage to be featured in the interior of the design, this had not been completed prior to the final print.  The second print in this series shows this clearly.
 Level of Difficulty: Low/medium - first attempted 3D Print by the student (who is ten years old).  Using Tinkercad and the basic design features the project was completed (including revisions) within thirty minutes.
Timeframe: Five hours.
Size: 70mm by 70mm by 70mm.
What we would do differently/Next steps for students: The only issue here is the overall size of the project.   As a storage container the current project on the current size is limited to what it can hold - which includes regular pens and pencils.

The students have completed the project and will now move onto other projects.

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