Monday, August 20, 2018

3D Printed Death Star Utility Holder

Challenge: To create an original Star Wars themed desk utility holder suitable for a student or adult to use in the classroom to store stationary items. 
Background: This was a new student to our schools first project to complete using a 3D Printer.  The student had experience with design and wanted to create something in line with his interest in Star Wars - hence the use of the Death Star as the significant feature of the design.  As it was the first project from this student and we were prepared to give him some leeway with his design ideas - this was his first project, as stated and it was created by a ten year old.   The intention was to produce a 'Death Star' model using a precreated model, place it on a base, include a name on the base and then modify the original to have a design purpose - in this instance it was intended that there be space in the top for miscellaneous small items.   This project was intended as a prototype to produce a bigger version and also to demonstrate a practical use for a 3D Printer to someone who hadn't created a project before.   The dimensions of the print were reflected in the nature of the prototype.
Level of Difficulty - Low/Medium.   This project is straightforward with the major design component coming from a precreated freely available model.   The additional aspects from the student were to add and personalize features by basic designs from the main Tinkercad Interface.  The project to put in perspective had no teacher input other than printing the final project.
Time frame: Five hours - as a prototype this design was using all standard Ultimaker2+/Cura designs and default settings.   Given that this was a test, that essentially turned into the finished product because the students were so happy with it, the design time frame/dimensions wouldn't be altered.  The option would be needed if the consideration was given for storage for pens/pencils and the students therefore would need to upscale the design scale/time frame to meet these requirements.
Size: Essentially the design as it stands at teh moment is 70mm by 70mm by 70mm.   The base plate is minimal and the name produced on the base of the design - as mentioned the concept of increasing the design dependant on its use.
What we would do differently: The name of the student the project that was produced for was on the reverse of the design (assuming the view shown above is the front).   The storage at the top of the design was left off this prototype, to ensure that the printer would be able to produce the shape of the Death Star successfully.   This is a fantastic starting project for a student taking his or her first steps related to 3D Printing.
Next Steps for Students: To complete the project by making minor adjustments.  The student is intending to adjust the above issues and then will move onto new projects.       

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