Tuesday, May 14, 2019

3D Printed Catamaran - Exemplar Project Update

The Revised version of the print Catamaran (2019)
Challenge: To produce a boat that could float.
Background:  This has been one of the longest ongoing projects that we have been actively working on or tracking on this site.  In its original format a student two years ago started to investigate the properties and details of a 3D Printed Boat, which eventually moved towards becoming a 3D Printed Catamaran.  Details of those projects can be located here.  The student concerned recently revisited this project (which began when they were nine years old at our School).   This time armed with more knowledge and concepts about the model he looked to complete the project and further modified his design.    One of the aspects of the design that is not shown in the photograph was to aid the buyoancey of the boat is that air pockets were introduced into the twin hulls to further allow it float, the initial designs had simply had a regular infill of 20%.   The teacher who was also invovled in the producing of the boat was interested in experiementing in pasting on a 3D Printed Coating - to allow for further decoration (hence the shiny design feature that is visible in the photograph). 
Above: Design shown in profile
Level of Difficulty: High - this is an exemplar thats design and creation has taken considerable time and reworking, numerous test versions to get to this point.  The scale and design, the details and project have taken hours and hours to get to this point.   Not for the faint hearted.
Timeframe: Fourteen hours to complete this print with the regualation default settings featured on this blog.  There was minimal waste printing so the ability to reduce the time was a small window of opportunity only. 
Size: The hulls of the design were 150mm in length, 20mm wide and 50mm from the top to the bottom of them.   Eyelits were introducted for the possibility of a sail used in combination with the boat, and the size reflects that potential. 
What we would do differently: From this point of view the student appears to be satisified and looking to move forward onto other projects - the is the question of whether or not a motor was placed on the hull or base of the boat, but the emphasis was on a Catamaran.

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