Monday, May 27, 2019

3D Printed Art Proejcts - Completing LED Lights/Jars

Above: Light with additional support in place, blue tacked.
Challenge: As a separate art project students had created a glass jar with an LED light.   The project needed finishing because the area around the LED light was too small for the jar - the 3D Printer was used to create additional support for the light so it would sit perfectly.
Background: This was a project that required the 3D Printer to integrate with what was already produced, the 3D printer was used to produce the finishing.  The student had created the art project but was also a student who had used the 3D Printer extensively so when the light needed additional support to hold it in place she knew immediately that she wanted the 3D Printer to produce the additional support for the LED light.  The design was based around the light, relative to the size of the jar and allowed the extra width for the light, created by the 3D Printer.   The light was then able to sit perfectly in place on the top of the jar.   This is a fantastic example of using the 3D Printer to complete a project in a simple but extremely effective way.    The print was designed by the student and a trial completed by using blue tack to hold the LED light and extra print in place.
Level of Difficulty: This is low - the design is simple, however the concept and idea came from the student who identified that the 3D Printer would be able to complete the job perfectly.
Time frame: Six Minutes - this is possibly the shortest print to ever be featured on this blog in five years, however nothing additional was required - the light was supported to fit perfectly.
Size: The design was 5mm thick which is the minimum that would allow this to be successful, the size of it was relative to the jar and the size that was required to complete the project, nothing additional was required as it.
What we would do differently: Nothing - while this was a very straightforward print it was a perfect use of a 3D Print to complete a project.   The LED lights that were featured in this design were ordered online, as were the jars.   The students then used a stencil and duroseal to create a design on the outside of the jar.   The jar then had spray paint applied to it from an aerosol can.   The final product was a 'Night Light' that was produced - the light was concealed in the lid of the jar.  The students were intending to experiment with different stencils for affect on the jar itself - although this would not change the 3D Printed aspect of the design.

The fully completed design (with 3D Printed element obscured by the lid, which is in place as intended) is shown on the left.

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