Sunday, May 5, 2019

3D Printed Magnet Customised

Three designs group together with prototype at bottom
Challenge: To take an ordinary or common item and incorporate it into a 3D Print and design.
Background: The came as part of the challenge involving using common items and creating a 3D print concept idea and print around the object.   In this case it was a small magnet.   This magnet can be clearly seen in the picture on the left.   Thinking about where our school is located the student wanted to produce a design that had the name of the area on it as a souvenir or a marker.   The design was relatively straight forward - the magnet had a pin shape, the student wanted to feature the name of the area where the school is based 'Auroa' which features five letters.   To ensure that the magnet was strong enough to hold the print in place the student attempted to design a print with two and then three magnets holding it in place.    The student opted to make the block aspect of the 3D Print a similar length of the print - this created a small issue with the weight of the print causing the printed design to slide as the magnets could initially not hold it in place, this was overcome by introducing a third magnet into the equation to hold the design in place.  At the end of the day where the location of the school is somewhere it is not common to have material produced for (ie it is not possible to purchase 'Auroa' themed material as the location is to remote.
Three designs with prototype now at the top
Level of Difficulty: Low - this was rather straightforward design, kept simplistic with a view to produce it quickly, with the key criteria being the inclusion of the magnets as a priority.
Time fame: Two hours - Some time could have been taken out with the background behind the design which was created as a block to have the pins secured within the design.
Size: The print was 80mm long 20mm high and 20mm wide producing a rectangular prism shape.  There was scope to reduce the size of the print at the rear of the design where it is not visible.
What we would do differently: There wasn't particular consideration paid for the strength of the magnet relative to the weight created by the 3D Print.    The magnet themselves are not particularly strong (which was the reasons the students refined the design to include three pints instead of two) and a strip or bar magnet would have served this purpose better.

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