Monday, May 6, 2019

3D Printed Stationary Holder Exemplar

Challenge: To produce a personalise stationary holder that doubles as an iPad stand.
Background: This design has now been perfected by students in the classroom who are able to produce something that is considered to be an exemplar.   This features the name of the student put just into the base of the design, just above the iPad stand.   Having a template that the students have they have the opportunity to produce something that can be adapted easily for other students.   This stationary holder is developed as a holder for a student who can have the design made for him to have a marker for him to know where he is sitting.    It holds a variety of iPads to be held in place.
Level of Difficulty: Medium: to get this correct and have the dimensions working correctly.  The stationary holder aspect of the design is hollowed out allowing it to have significant storage.   This has required considerable reworking.
Timeframe: Sixteen hours.   This is the minimum that would be expected for the size and dimensions of the print relative to the purpose that it was intended for.
Size: The design is 95mm across the front of the design.   The design that was 150mm long.   The design was 110mm high and the block at the front was 20mm high and 15mm wide.    The name part of the badge raised 70mm above the design, and was 20mm thick. 
What we would do differently:   This is an exemplar.  This has had a number of students collectively working and refining the design to ensure that it works.   

The basic design has come from Tinkercad however the students have refined aspects of it to minimise the rafting (supportive printing or waste PLA).  They have adapted it to ensure that it is personalised, and is being used for students who need to have an identified need to have help with their organisation.

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