Tuesday, May 28, 2019

3D Printed 'Cat' Themed Magnet Fridge Holder

Above: Complete Cat 3D Printed Fridge Magnet
Challenge: To use two magnets in a way that uses them in conjunction with 3D Print.
Background: Student who had limited exposure to 3D Printing.  She was given the challenge of using a common item and tasked to 3D Print some aspect of it.   This task has been used repeatedly to create the students an opportunity to design something with a 3D Printing theme.   Previous examples of prints in this series featured on the blog include the Robotic Pencil Sharpener and 3D Printed Magnet Holder which are detailed on this blog.

In this example the student choose to concentrate on creating a note holder that could be placed as a reminder on a noticeboard or the fridge.   The design was available online from a simple search from Tinkercad main interface.  Following that the students only task was to check the dimensions of the print and width of the print.   The final task was the introduction of two holes that were cut into the design, these formed the eyes of the design. The student measured and attempted to replicate the diameter of the holes to ensure that the eyes were securely attached to the base of the design.  The student involved in this design is nine year old.
Level of Difficulty: Low - this was an introductory task for a student who wanted to learn and develop her skills with 3D Printing.  This was her first independent project despite contributing to other projects that students have worked on.
Size: 80mm wide, 90mm high and 5mm thick.  The purpose of the design was based around a print working with the eyes, which initially were two different colours, the student wanted to switch to using two yellow pins to convey the theme of eyes. This was about the right dimensions for this product - which was intended as an introduction to showcase 3D Printing without the print project taking to long to get to the finish.  The weight of the product is also dependant on the thickness of the design, there have been other prints using similar magnets that have been too heavy which have caused the magnets to slide down their intended surface.   This was shown by the previous magnet challenge.
Time Frame: One hour twenty on our typical default settings - using 8mm nozzle and 20% infill.
What we would do differently: While the student was particularly happy with the design and finished product there are obvious extensions that could be completed.   There could be the potential to print, in a relative short space of time, whiskers or additional basic features.  The fact that the design could be completed relatively easily would also lend itself to a series of similar kinds of designs that might then be completed in large numbers over a few days (ie monsters etc).

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