Thursday, May 9, 2019

3D Printing Project Updates

 Left; This project was originally featured a considerable time ago and is based around using the 3D Printing PLA to produce a Catamaran.  This was first conceived in December 2017.  In this revised version the insides of the hulls have been deliberately left without infill to create air pockets to assist the boat to float. 

This is a considerable print looking at sixteen hours to print in its current form.  Details of the original print/project can be found here.  
Left: The most recent print on this site, the robot that is incorporating a pencil sharpener has had further development which has been driven and come from the student (ten years old) who designed the print.  While the teacher considered that the print had already been completed this student was adamant that it was not completed and was determined to include a second coloured print to contrast with the base colour and produce some basic features that would add depth to the print.   While these were only small additions to the print they produced a striking addition to the print.

Details of the original project/print can be found here. 

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