Sunday, October 29, 2017

3D Print Student Bag Hook

Above: Overview of the design
Challenge: Student wanted to create an original design - a hook, complete with their name and personalised and designed to be mounted on a wall and used to hold thier bag.  The student responsible for this plan/design was a nine year old.
Background: Student was following the classroom process of selecting an original project, which was created from scratch that would have a purpose.
Level of Difficulty: Low.   The design had three key features as shown in the photograph.   Firstly a hole, which was intended to be used as the mounting hook.  Secondly the name of the individual who created it and finally the 'hook' part of the design which was created to hold the students school bag.
Note: 'Hook' needing redesign
Timeframe: Four Hours.  The base of the bag hook was designed featuring a 1cm base, conceivably this could have been 5mm (subject to strength testing, and the design for the hook - see below). 
Size: 7cm wide, 10cm high and a depth of 1cm.  The lettering was raised 5mm from the base and the point of the hook itself was raised 5cm from teh base.
What we would do differently: The design is essentially floored, but will turn into a learning project for the student.   The idea is solid, however the project is not workable.  The mounting design should have been placed in the opposite top left and right corners, rather that the middle.   The 'hook' which is cone shape at present needs to be completely redesigned to suit the purpose of the print.
Next Step for the Students: 'Hook' needs to be completely redesigned to meet the brief.  The hole to mount the design to the wall needs to be replaced by dual screw holes as mentioned.  The intention is to allow the student to test the design with a bag, which would then allow a re-design, and allow for testing on the weight of a bag to be successfully held by the design.   Could potentially be used to individualise the outside of the classroom.

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