Monday, October 23, 2017

3D Printed Basic Box

Above: Lid and base plate design
Challenge: This was a further development from the student led business model that was created by a class of Y4/5 students (making them nine and ten years old).  The students were attempting to personally create a brand and product which could be marketd to other students.
Background: Students concerned were looking at creating something striking that would impress their potential market, hence the size of the box, which was significantly greater than corresponding designs.  Students were creating products for the first time, using the basic designs possible from the Tinkercad Interface, without the assistance of the teacher or other students.
Level of Difficulty: Low - this design was created in a short space of time, using some of the basic settings available from the Tinkercad Interface, by students not familiar with the program.
Timeframe: The lid and base were a combined ten hour print, the design was based around size so the details were specific to the design. 
Size: The base plate was 7cm wide, 7cm high and had a depth of 9cm.  The width of the sides was 5mm.   The lid had similar dimensions with the main part of it being 1cm.
What we would do Differently: This was a starting point for the students concerned - hence the complexity of the design was reflected by its background.  The students could have looked at ingraving or dropping the names of their business into the base of the box, this has been achieved to good results in recent prints.  We've had students previously add additions to designs such as lids or handles and students could have considered these (they are available from the main Tinkercad interfaceand intracate designs are able to be selected easily).     
Next Step for students: As descibed above.  Given time contraints with the project it may remain as it is.

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