Saturday, October 21, 2017

3D Printed Spoon and Cup/Mortat and Pestel

Challenge: Student is involved in a upcoming showcase of students work.  The student is creating a series of products based around fragrance and hand cream.   The design was to create a basic mortar and pestle set, which is described by the student as a 'spoon and cup'.  The set needs to be big enough for the student to use it to manufacture/mix the hand cream.
Background: The student is working with learning support with a teacher aide to produce the product.  The teacher aide has not used the 3D Printer previously to produce a product, the student requires learning assistance from other students to complete set tasks.  This was both (the teacher and students) first 3D Printed project.  The student was a Y5 (nine year old) who typically works at curriculum level 1 (Y1 - five years old).
Level of Difficulty: Low.  The student was experimenting with size, design and completing the task.  The basic Tinkecad interface was used to create the required shapes, which were then extended by the student by dragging them.  A cup and spoon were used as a model to ensure that the size was relatively correct.   In the case of the student the oversized spoon is an advantage.
Timeframe: Both objects in the matching set were completed in ten hours - they could have been resized slightly given the brief, and adjustments made, but given the scale and the first print ever nature of the project this was
Size: Both prints were combined on a single run.  The 'spoon' was 16cm long, 2cm high and 3cm wide.  Conceivable it could have been thinner or smaller however given the student concerned the bigger item was more desirable.
What we would do differently: Our class typically personalises items such as this.   Clearly it would have been easy to insert the students name into the spoon and cup, or both.     This didn't happen as the skill set wasn't there yet but once this print is discussed and the student spoken with (and the staff member) then other students will assist in getting it completed.
Next Steps for Students: We are anticipating other students come on board to assist with the more detailed aspects of design.  There is the obvious step of personalising the cup and spoon with either the name of the student or the business by dropping it into the cup, and then to remove rafting, as has been done on previous prints/projects.

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