Thursday, October 26, 2017

3D Printed Advanced Box

Box Complete with lid in place
Challenge: To further develop childrens creation skills by focussing on producing a more advanced project with two parts reliant on each other and dependent on a successful print.
Background: Y6 student (11 years old) is creating the first next level print that is more advanced and detailed than previous efforts.   Student was using Tinkercad with assistance of other students to produce details on the lid such as the handle.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the lid needed to work in unison with the base, and the student was challenged to create multiple lids that could be interchanged depending on the use of the object.  Once again all of the major elements that were the design features for this object were provided by the main Tinkercad Interface, which the student created independently.
Timeframe: The base of the box was significant taking ten hours, the lid required eight hours.   There could have been adjustments made to the lid shown above, to reduce the time (decrease in handle size).
Size: The base of the box was 15cm wide, 7cm high and 15cm long.  It had a width of 5mm.   The first draft of the lid (as shown above) had a lid size of 15cm/15cm and a depth of 5mm.   The handle sat 4cm above the base of the lid.   The lettering was raised on slightly on the lid, 2mm. 
What we would do differently: There were no issues with the print itself but the students didn't initially grasp the concept of the 'drop down' lid and what potentially it meant for securing the lid. The student also made the design not to put a divider into the inside of the box, so as it stands at present it does not have inbuilt dividers that would define its use. 
Next Step for Students: Obviously the drop down lid, potentially more detail on the lid and internal division brackets that could define the use of the box, such as featured in the Jewellery Box design, iPod Carry Case and Edison Robot Storage Box.

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