Saturday, October 28, 2017

3D Printed Delux Business Project Container

Container with lid in place
Challenge: Students are creating a contained suitable for holding liquid.   Container needs to be accessed by a lid which is able to work in conjunction with the base. 
Background: Y4 Students were producing a 3D print for a student based business, which was be presented to the local community for an evening event.  Students in this classroom had produced smaller versions of this previously document on this blog.  Students were using Tinkercad for the first time, with the basic interface was utilized.
Box shown with lid.
Level of Difficulty: Low-medium.  Nearly every previous print in the sequence had issues with the lid matching the base.  In this case the students designed a lid that fitted perfectly. 
Timeframe: Ten hours were required to print the base and the lid.  The size of the container had been designed by the students and perhaps could have had reduced dimensions (see below).
Size: The base of the container  had a length of 8cm, a width of 8cm and a height of 10cm.   The width of the size was 5mm.  The size of the lid reflected these dimensions with a total width of 1cm split into the lid and the drop down aspect of the lid (as shown top right).
What we would do differently: Given the aspects of the design and it originating from a student creating something for the first time, it was an extremely successful print.  The student was using a printer for the first time, the design features while basic meant that the student was thrilled with the results.
Next Step for the students: A handle could have been added to the print to allow it to be easily removed, which would have been a basic step to take, the student could have also experimented with design features.

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