Wednesday, November 1, 2017

3D Printed Dual Desk Tidy

Design shown from above
Challenge: For student to create an original design that would allow working material - pens and pencils etc. to be stored on the desk of two students with a shared design. Students creating this design were ten year old students.
Background: These projects had been attempted earlier in the school year, however these students (two were involved in the design) sat adjacent to each other and as such wanted to create something that they would be able to each use.  They used Tinkercad and built the designs from scratch, to personalise the design they etched or sank their names into the side of the hexagon shape that made up the storage tower.
Above: Lettering shown on storage 
Level of Difficulty: Low-Medium.   The students were personalising the design by the addition of thier names, they also used an unusual shape with the design which the class had not utilized before.  The lettering was sunk lightly into the design, so the angle of the design meant some of the letters in the names were clearly visible and others were slightly more difficult to see.   The students identified this as rafting at one point and 'knock it through' however this the case and it left a letter of one name looking different from the rest.  Given the basic shape if they had attempted all the letters to be rafting then the design would have been considerably more challenging.
Timeframe: Eight hours on a 8mm nozzle and regular print settings.  There was not a lot of material that could have conceivably been removed from the print or added to it.
Size: 1cm base, 13 cm wide, 7cm high.  The barrel portions of the design were 9cm from the base.
What we would do differently: Minimal - the only issue that developed was consistency with the lettering as it inconsistent, although this was related to the shape of the object which the students were using as a feature of the design.
Next Step for the Students: More challenging projects as this was completed to the students satisfaction and not more material could be added or the design modified.

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