Wednesday, November 29, 2017

3D Printed Basic Sign

Challenge: To produce a sign for display as part of a group display.
Background: Students had a display as part of a cluster of schools and students display for a local evening.   Students were looking for ways to display thier work with something creative and original- that would also be eye catching.
Level of Difficulty:  Low.  Students were able to produce this sort of thing extremely easily - it was created with the basic interface available from Tinkercad, with simply the lettering overlaid over top.  This typical design would expect to be created in a two minute timeframe - which all students in the classroom (Y5/6 - ten year olds) are capable of this.
Timeframe: Six hours - this print could have been radically altered depending on the depth of the lettering and the font.  The students raised the lettering 5mm from the base of the plate, this easily could have been reduced to reduce the print time, to still maintain the affect. 
Size: The base plate was 15cm across and had a height of 6cm.   The depth of the plate was 5mm and the lettering was raised a further 5mm from the base of the plate. 
What we would do differently: The choice of the font with the lettering was basic, and the letting itself was not as clearly defined on the base of the 'y'.  The students also hadn't used the capital 'm' for the lettering, which they should have done.   Potentially the students could have designed holes for screws depending on what it was to be attatched to. 
Next Stepts for students: To use a font that better suited for the display of the sign.  They could have included photograph/images related to the topic as part of the sign.

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