Sunday, December 3, 2017

3D Printed Student Business Container

Completed print with the lid in place
Challenge: Students to produce a working sample model container for a business that they are running.  Sample container needs to hold a variety of liquids and other items that the business could potentially produce - the students were still developing a business model and idea when they decided to work on the containers.
Background: The students had shown an interest in running a small scale business (they are ten years old) they had limited experience with 3D Printing, and took some inspiration from the class next door who had produced mock up models of these for a project evening where the parents and the local community came to view the students term work on display.  Their intent was to produce a container that could hold a sample of product that they were looking at producing such as lip balm or other cosmetics.  The successful construction of a container that would be water tight and potentially sealed would allow a variety of products to be produced.
Base and lid clearly shown
Level of Difficulty: Low - the print consists of two parts, with a hollow out centre.  The shape is obviously heart inspired and was created using the Tinkercad main interface.  There was potentially additional features that could have been added (see below).  Both students had experience in 3D Printed in the classroom this year and we looking to extend themselves by creating this project from scratch without the input of others. 
Timeframe: Three and a half hour total print.  The lid as shown has a significant hole in it, which allows the product inside to be easily viewed.  The base was hollowed out to allow the container to hold liquid and 'product'.   Additional features could potentially be added (see below). 
Size: The box is 8cm across, has a length of 6cm and is 4cm high.    The width of the sides of the box was 5mm.  The depth of the lid likewise was 5mm.
What we would do differently: Nothing (again see below) the print worked exactly as was intended.   The students were wanting the package to guide their products and influence what they were able to manufacture.
Next Challenge for the students: The business that they are developing could have its name, or the initials of the business inserted into either the lid or the base.  The students contemplated doing this however there have been some issues with lettering etc on smaller prints (and again we were using a 8mm nozzle not a 4mm which could have potentailly improved the detail but would have significantly increased the print time).

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