Friday, December 15, 2017

3D Printed Catamaran Boat - Part Two

Following the success of the previous print, of the model of the Catamaran Boat Model the student (ten years old) who crreated the 3D Printed model boat decided to 'road test it' by floating it in the school swimming pool, to test its ability to float.  As mentioned in the previous print detials the sail was for comestic purposes only, as it was made using paper.

The boat was tested in the water for one hour, and did not sink, or show evidence of sinking at
all.  Water covered the top of the design, however it 'washed' off allowed the boat to remain bouyant.  We further tested the boat by throwing or dropping it into the water from 1m to 2m height and then skimming it as far as we could 'flip it'.   During this level of testing the boat would not sink or tip, it simply comtinued to float.  If the boat was delibrately flipped and turned upside down it would remain in this state. 
The damage shown to the mast left occurred when a student flicked the design, and it hit directly the edge of the pool.  This caused the mast to break off (as shown).  However while the mast itself would sink when held below the water,  the base of the boat would not even when it was held underwater on the base of the pool.

Given all the testing that was carried out in the last two days the design is practical in terms of its water durability and water tightness, a regular print will not sink as the PLA continually refloats.  This design as shown while it is basic represents the first basic print and design in the series.  The inention is for the students to design, manufacture and mount a motor onto the boat to allowed it to be semi-powered which will provide the next challenge for students.

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