Tuesday, December 5, 2017

3D Printed Jewellery Stand

Above: Jewllery Stand shown as first prototype 
Challenge: To produce a personalised stand for the hanging of an important item of jewellery.
Background: Student was looking at creating an individual project.   She had a family member that has a specific piece of jewellery, and this item requires a specific location for it to be held.  The student wanted to create an individual and personalised stand for the item.   They had seen similar projects created in class and felt the 3D Printing aspect of it would meet the brief and produce a unique product that would also double as a christmas present.
Level of Difficulty: Low/medium - the basic design was created from the main interface.  The idea was to have an extension to the design where the jewellery could hang from. 
Above: Print shown on its side
Timeframe: Five hours from completion from regular print settings with a 8mm nozzle, the revised version will take longer (see below).
Size: 12cm in height.  The base in the present version is 4cm across and 3cm wide.  This design is in the process of being re-worked thanks to feedback from the first draft print. 
What we we would do differently:
The lettering design worked, as did the shape design.   The areas that need to be addressed are the base plate - which there isn't one.  As a shape the design is relatively stable however it is easily tipped over.  As a result the student is designing a revised version of this print that included a base plate to allow more stability.   The aspect of the print designed to hang the jewellery needed to be longer to ensure that the jewellery could be held more easily.   The student also decided that they needed to increase the overall size of the print as well.  This is currently being redesigned.
Next Steps for Students: Redesign base, arm to hold jewellery - test the prototype with hanging an object of similar size to the jewellery it has been designed to hold.   

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