Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3D Printed Delux iPad Stand

 Above: iPad Stand as shown from above 
Challenge: Student wanted to create a personalised iPad stand to support device use at home and in the classroom.  Student has designed a number of prints in the past and the intention was to include significant bells and whistles to improve its design and challenge the student.
Stand viewed from above
Background: A completely original design, with additional features that were not included in the iPad stands that were developed earlier in the year, the link to these on this blog is here.  The student who created this design and printed it is ten years old.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - student wanted to incorperate a design with the stand, their name, a hole to store additional objects and have a working stand.  The student drafted and initial designs were challenged to be improved to include more features not combined together.
Above: iPad Stand in use.
Timeframe: Ten hours. Given the size and the details in this project this represented a minimum time of print (where rafting for instance was at a minimum).  This was conducted with a 8mm nozzle on a regular print setting.
Size: The demensions of this print were slightly affected by the designs and not consistent throughout.  The base was 15cm in length and 7cm long.   The Minion design at the end of the stand was 6cm long and 6cm high.   The student cleverly included his name on the head of the minion and this formed the basis of the hair of the stand. 
What we would do differently: Nothing - the student created something unique that was a significant improvement on the previous designs in this series, the only significant feature that needed to be improved was the location of the hole for additional storage, depending on which item was stored the iPad itself would mean that it couldn't fit.  This location needed to be refined.
Next Challenge for student: to relocate the hole to a place on the iPad stand where it didn't have an issue with the lean of the iPad itself.     

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