Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MindKits 3D Printed Moa Bones Project

This last month has been a fantastic one, as @Mindkits - have had an exciting project for 3D Printing in New Zealand.   There are details of the project here on the Mindkits website.

The project has been detailed with their website and promoted extensively on Twitter.  If you are not following Tim (@mindkits) for an excellent source of information and supplier of 3D Printers.  In New Zealand Tim and his company are the suppliers of Ultimaker Printers (including supplying the printers to our School that we use).

Currently at our school we are awaiting the delivery of our Term One 2018 mail, which is being held during the School holidays.

However, another excellent Twitter user, teacher and educator - Gerard MacManus @gmacmanus
has had the opportunity to go through the processs and has detailed the creation of the 3D Printed Moa Bones.   He has detailed all of his prints and information on his fantastic teaching website, Oneteacherview as well as regulalrly updating the series of prints on Twitter.

This is an excellent project using the printers to create something unique, New Zealand specific and allow the creation of a statement piece.

If you are interested in this project you can follow the links to the following sites online:

The details of the project as carried out by @gmacmanus can be located on his professional teachers blog, located at Oneteacherview here.


  1. Mine arrived today but I had it sent to a friends place in case it arrived while I was on holiday

  2. I got my kit but don't have a 3D printer- I need to find someone that does have one.