Saturday, April 28, 2018

3D Printed iPad Stand (Delux)

Design prior to removal of any of the rafting
Challenge: For student to create and personalise an iPad stand that was workable and could be used by the student in the classroom.
Background: Student has shown a talent and creation for using the 3D Printer in the classroom.   The student concerned is nine years old, having no prior experience but has spent a considerable amount of time designing projects working on ideas and creating them.   This is all being done in the students own time, with the student bringing completed projects into the classroom teacher, which then follows with a conference with the teacher, leading to discussions and then refining the projects.   This project was created by the student indepedently and she brought the completed project to the teacher which then printed it without any adjustments.
Design shown with rafting removed
Level of Diffculty: Medium.   Student is nine years old and was able to produce the entire project using Tinkercad independently without any input from the teacher.  This is a reflection of the talent of the student, and this design is a little deceptive, as it consists of mainly basic shapes but has included additional features such as the unicorn which is featured on the back of the design.  These designs and getting the balance correct between the use of the printer and the creation of the design that are workable takes some refining.
Timeframe: Sixteen hours.   The print as shown above has considerable rafting required for the creation of the lip to balance the iPad.   This could have conceivably been reduced, the additions to the stand otherwise were a
minimum and this timeframe, given a 20% infill, 8mm nozzle would be nearly the minimum required.
Size of the Print: Width of 100mm.   A depth of 110mm.  The front of the print where the name is a block that is 20mm high, 20mm across and 100mm long.   The back of the print, where the unicorn is, was 20mm thick, 90mm high.   The final component of the stand is a overhang, from the back of the design with another 20mm block of similar dimensions to the front of the design.   Given the task, the opportunity for the print to be used as a stand for different sized iPads, this is an ideal size for this project.
What we would do differently: Very little, this project met the expectations of the brief, showed a degree of personalisation and is perfectly suited for the task that it was intended for.
Next steps for the student: This student is moving onto more challenging and difficult projects as this part of the project has been mastered.   The student needs to consider the removal of the rafting and the use of sandpaper etc to complete the presentation (and then potentially respraying it).

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