Thursday, April 12, 2018

3D Printed Student Workstations

Recently a number of students have created workstations/desk organizers in the classroom.   If you are a regular follower of this blog then you'll know that some of these prints have been covered individually and in depth on this blog.  This post is a selection of recent designs from the students, which have been grouped to keep things relevant.  If you require additional information about any of the featured prints please let us know.

In this design the student opted to use two different filament colours, to construct a small tower in blue and then superglue it in place (it measured 40mm by 25mm and was 60mm high).  The name sunk into the base as shown was mildly successful.   The 'ens' P is being replaced with a separate colour.   The figure in the back left is riding a surfboard and has the phrase 'Lets Surf' at its feet.

The design was 20mm high, 120mm across and 100mm long.   It had a print time of twelve hours for the main block (the additional tower was another sixty minutes).  Standard settings and fill ratio, could have been expanded to include more storage as it fits a stylus very well and three or four pens but not more.

One of the key challenges for the students in the classroom (note - these students are all nine or ten years old and have been working on 3D Printing for either one or two years) has been the placement or creation of an aspect of design to incorporate storage for headphones.  In this design the student was attempting to create a bar that could be utilized to hang the headphones from.  The balance was an issue as in original designs the bar was considerably longer.  It worked in the terms of holding a pair of button ear headphones but not the significantly larger ones the student intended to house.   Print time was eight hours.  Design was 100mm across and 100mm deep to width of 10mm.   The block at the rear of the design was 60mm high.   The intention of the visible base/square on the right of the design (see photo) was to house an eraser.   Student was extremely pleased with the design but on revision is planning to revisit it to address the issue of the headphones and how to store them.

This design, shown left was a combination of iPad stand and stationary holder.   The iPad is held in place behind the cylinder and the block with the students name on it. 

The design was 150mm long,  80mm wide and 20mm deep.  The name block at the rear of the design is 10mm thick and 100mm high.  Print time for this design, with standard settings, was sixteen hours. 

Although not visible on the design shown from this angle a snowflake was created for a design feature and placed on the back of the name plate block.  This design did not work as the removal of the rafting cause some issue with the design of the snowflake.  Student will remove snowflake with sandpaper and pliers and then print an additional feature on the back in a separate colour.

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