Thursday, April 5, 2018

3D Printed Gift Pair of Cats

Challenge: Student wanted to create something unique as a gift.   Student had an affinity for cats as did the recipent of the gift.   Student wanted to personalise the design.
Background: Student was experimenting for the first time with an individualised 3D Printing project.   She was wanting to create a print with a cat theme and sourced the designs from the 'Tinkercad' basic designs.  The base was a simple manner of producing a rectangle and then expanding it to.  The student was producing something for the first time so additional features were not introduced into the design (see below).
Level of Difficulty: Low - although the print was pleasing and the student deemed it successful this is extremely easily to facilitate.  The design process was minimal.     
Timeframe: This was a nine hour print.  Given that there was more potential here additional features could have been added (see below) this would have led to an increased print time.  We had the standard default settings for nearly every print featured on this site (20% of the print filled in, default setitng, 8mm nozzle on the printer, Ultimaker 2+ CURA Software, design in Tinkercad). 
Size: The print was 120mm across, 100mm deep and 20mm in width.   The cats which formed the design was 120mm from the base to the ears. 
What we would do differently: The student was extremely pleased with the design but there were signidficant opportunities here.   The design was not personalised and could easily have done so by having the recipient have their name either in the base of the design or on the base of the design.  Alternativley this could have been done on the cats themselves or elsewhere.   Name tags could have been introduced, or perhaps a way to identify the cats by a bowl etc. 
Next Steps for Students: As such we are working with students to identify a clear process for their prints.   This print was very close to not being approved on these grounds.  It was allowed to go ahead on the grounds of it being the first print for the student.   In reality the student could have designed some additional purpose to give it a meaningful such as introduce a draw to the base or storage at the back of the cats design.    At the end of the day the student themselves was nine years old and designing on the 3D Printer for the first time.  It allowed them to be creative and produce an outcome at the end of the project that they were thrilled with.

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