Saturday, September 2, 2017

3D Printed Student Jewellery Box

Box viewed from above
Challenge: For a student to design, from scratch, an original 3D Print of an object that would have a use and a purpose.  Design need to be built by the student (using Tinkercad) who was ten years old.
Background: A student who had created a name plate, and then a desk organiser was looking to create something else original.  She had seen designs from other students for iPod Boxes and Edison Robot box holders and decided to create something that she could personalise in this case a jewellery box.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - this design went through a number of drafts before the final print run.  The student designed six versions of the box before the print was
completed, five of the designs would not have work or the base would not have printed successfully.  This was the students first project of a more advanced level.
Timeframe: Twelve hours - this is similar to other prints in this series, completed with an 8mm nozzle.
Size: 14cm wide, 11cm high and a height of 5cm.
What would we do differently: Not a lot.  The internal bar between the sections was originally thin but this was picked up in the review of the print.  The original design had a print time of a 30 hours however this was because the height was intended to be in the 20cm-30cm range.  As a result of this and the importing of the print from Tinkercad to Cura to determine the printing time and drawing a mock up of the design, relative to its size.  Given that the purpose of the box was intended as a jewellery box this clearly would not have worked - however it was a positive experience for the student to realise and identify this.

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