Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3D Printed Jewellery Box - Additional Decorations

This is not a seperate post, it is detailing some of the additional decoration that was added to the Jewllery Box created this week.  The student who is a Y5 (ten year old) student created the base and the lid in two seperate prints detailed on this site taking twelve hours for the box and eleven hours for the lid.   This was the students third attempt at 3D printing.

 Left: Jewellery box (with rafting removed from under the handle).  Student purchased stick on jewellery accessories from a bargain shop ($2) shop.  These had adhesive labels which peeled off to allow the decoration to be stuck to the box.

The box as noted previously went through six drafts before the final design was completed.
 Left: Viewed from the other side the box featuring the decoration.  The adhesive material on the outside decorations was able to be attatched easily to the printed box.

Transparent green was the PLA filament that was used to print with an Ultimaker 2+ with a 8mm nozzle.   The combined print time for two seperate pieces was twenty hours.

Left: The student wanted to make this box into a functional Jewellery box and to do so decided that padding would be required for the internal part of the box.  She purchased the padding cheaply from a $2 shop, the right hand side was designed for earings.  The left had side was for general jewellery.

The lid once 'rafting' was removed was able to sit precisely on the top of the box.  

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