Saturday, September 2, 2017

3D Printed Individualised Jewellery Box Lid

 Above: The lid prior to rafting removal
Challenge: To produce a working and individualised lid to be used in conjunction with the box designed in the previous print.
Background: Student was looking to create a jewellery box, individualising it in a way that reflected herself.  The lid needed to reflect the dimensions of the box as the two had to work in tandem.  The student concerned with this project is ten years old and its her first mid level difficult project having already completed projects based around a name plate and a desk organiser.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - in this example the challenge was not to build simply a standard lid but to ensure that it was personalised for the student, the student opted for her name and a pair of stars visible in the photo.  These were both created using the default interface on Tinkercad, and took fifteen minutes to create.
Timeframe: Eleven hours, the layering of the detail on the stars and the name lettering ensured that the lid as a seperate piece took nearly as long as the base to produce.  8mm nozzle.
Size: 14cm by 11cm with a depth of 1cm.
What would we do differently: The lid has some basic edging but does not have the detail or the drop in lip feature of other boxes that have been designed of a similar nature in the class.  As a consequence the lid has to sit ontop of the box instead of being held firmly in place as part of the design.  The student however was not concerned as given the nature of the print was thrilled with how it turned out.  In the photograph above the handle 'rafting' is still in place, and has yet to removed, knocking this through would allow the handle to gripped properly.

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