Thursday, September 14, 2017

3D Printed DIsplay Prop

Challenge: To create or produce a prop for a school display.
Background: Our students have a significant Science presentation coming up, where the local community is expected to attend.  As part of the presentation we are looking at incidents of using the 3D Printer to show off our students creativity.  Given this brief,  for this first time ever in the history of this site we printed a pre-created model that had little or no input from our students.
Level of Difficulty: Nil - this was a pre-created model that was sourced from Tinkercad.  The students only challenge was to re-size the model as the initial model was too small to be effective.
Timeframe: Ten hours - 8mm.
Size: 10cm in length and 6cm wide, with a depth that varies from 5cm to 7cm.
What we would do differently: As the classroom teacher I really struggled with the concept of this, and the balance between producing something for a display and creating something original.   In the end despite the students selecting the image to print by using another persons design it has significnatly reduced the creativity involved.  The students themselves would have struggled to produce this themselves

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