Monday, August 28, 2017

3D Printed iPod Box - Delux

Above: Box with rafting still attatched
Challenge: Student wanted to create an original project as a storage box for his iPad.  He was challenged to come up with 'next level' additions to the design to incorperate new features that had not been previously created in the series of boxes and storage items being created in class.
Background: Student was responsible for the Mothers Day Box in this series of prints, featured in detail on this blog.  He has mastered the drop down lid for 3D Printed boxes.  He is a student who is nearly ten years old.  He is using 3D Printers and projects for the first time in class this year.
The box lid and handle
Level of Difficulty: High - for a students design on this machine this is about as challenging as it can get.  A basic box design incorperates a number of additional features - a internal wall to assist storage, a hole in the base of the box to allow the iPod to be charged when the box is closed, and a drop down lid with a lip that sinks down into the box.
Size: 19cm long, 8cm wide and a height of 8cm.  The lid was slightlty smaller with an internal lip the required the removal of rafting.
Timeframe: The main box was a twelve hour print, the lid was six hours. 8mm nozzle as detailed previously.
What would we do differently: The student concerned has previously mastered sinking lettering into the base of the box or object that he has created to personalise them.  In this instance he choose not to do this however it would have been a simple matter to include this.
Feedback from the student: The student who created this project was asked to talk about it and show the object which is the video that follows. (This video was informally shot by students in front of the green screen in our hall, this screen is a painted wall 8m across, 7m high and a depth of 2m from the green carpet tiles that come out from the wall)
3D Box Design from myles webb on Vimeo.

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