Monday, July 3, 2017

3D Printed Student Desk Organiser - Take One

Desk Organiser in Use! 
Challenge: For student to graduate from producing an original name plate/badge to produce something more challenging and 'next level' using the schools 3D Printer.
Background: This is the students second print, using Tinkercad as a design project.  The student was assisted by other students who had produced work from the classroom and was looking to refine her design to produce an object that was useable and achieved the purpose of creating a pencil desk organiser.
Level of Difficulty - This was medium - the issue was the lettering/font that went with the shape.  The basic design was a default design from Tinkercad from the main interface.  Once the shape had been measured and identified the only issue was the stretching of of the shape.
Size: 8cmx10cm with a height of 10cm.
Timeframe: Nine Hours on a regular print setting with a 8mm nozzle.
Viewed from Above
Issues: With the base of the design none.  With the lettering of the students name - plenty.  In the original Tinkercad design the lettering wrapped seamlessly around the shape and was attatched with rafting to the design.  The practicality was the lettering didn't work in this format - so an alternative plan was devised with the letters being sunk into the design for the reprint.  This design was carried out by the student who had worked successfully to do so to insert his name into the 'gift box' post.  The original design was left with the rafting still attatched (see photo) to ensure the lettering and the students name remained in place.
Process: As with nearly everything else on site the student used Tinkercad which was then converted into a Cura 2.6 file, and then printed on regular settings with an Ultimaker 2+ Printer. (as noted on previous posts the previous nozzle was 4mm and we are now printing on a regular basis with a 8mm nozzle which is having a considerable and positive influence on the print times of the projects the students are working on.
What we would do differently: The student was extremely pleased with the print so much so she insisted on using the object even though it hadn't met the design brief.  The student has every intention of repeating the process, this time with the lettering embedded into the print.

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