Wednesday, June 28, 2017

3D Printed Student Designed Eggcup

Above: Inverted Eggcup
Challenge: For the student to design an original project using the 3D Printers - an eleven year old student in this case.  
Background: This was the first eggcup attempted by a student for some time.  The default designs of Tinkercad was used (so the 'chicken' design has featured in part in several other designs on this site.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the basis of the design was the Tinkercad character default but considerable detail had to be added to make it a workable eggcup.
Size: 15cm in length, and ten cm wide.
Interior visible.
Timeframe: Nine hours with a 8mm print nozzle. (Note this is now the default size for prints on this site, previously it was 4mm but as a consequence we have considerably reduced the print time on a number of projects.
Issues: One foot was broken off during rafting removal when the print was completed.  The rafting under the wing was proving problematic to remove.  Both these issues could have been reduced by the use of pliers to remove following print.  The balance of the print meant that it was not suitable for the intended purpose.
Process: Tinkercad into the new version of Cura, then printed on an Ultimaker 2+.   Standard filament used with an increase in the size of the nozzle.  This is significantly reducing the print times as a consequence and not greatly affecting the quality of the print that is being produced.
What would we do differently: The base needs to be redesigned in some way to strenthen the feet of the print so that it is able to be removed from the print base - it also needs to have more structure to it so it can balance and serve its purpose.  The eggcup size is generous a redesign is currently being planned to address these issues.

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