Thursday, June 1, 2017

3D Printed Parent Designed Keyring

Above: Parent designed keyring
Challenge: Looking for opportunities to improve the partnership between parents and students we held an opportunity for parents to come into school and use the 3D Printers independent of the students.
Background: This was an opportunity for an adults first design, from scratch, without prior knowledge and use of Tinkercad or an iMac.  The session was designed as part of an introduction for parents and the design time allocated was ten minutes.
Level of Difficulty: Low - (however this needs to be put into the context of who was designing the project.)
Size: One of the smallest prints that we've ever completed.  5mm depp, 2cm wide/high and 5cm in length.
Timeframe: 45 minutes on a regular print setting.
Issues: The first print (pictured above) had some issues with the hole in the top right hand corner, this caused a second print run to occur, when the problem resolved itself.
Process: It was initially hoped that the parents would be able to complete the project independently, however this was not going to occur in the timeframe so two students came and completed the process.
What we would do differently: This project is one that the students felt confident in assisting with, and given the straightforward to ensure that the parents were able to complete the task successfully.

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