Saturday, June 3, 2017

3D Printed Desk Organiser

Above: Original design shown to scale
Challenge: For student to create an original design that had a specific and working purpose.
Background: Student was given the opportunity to create a project of their choice, and designed and created a pencil and pen holder that would be functional and for use in the classroom to sit on the students desk.
Level of Difficulty: Medium.   The task involved a number of inlays to hollow out the inside.
Size: 9cm high, 6cm wide and 6cm deep.  The inserts went within a short distance of the base to allow a variety of stationery to be held.  
Above: View showing holder clearly
Timeframe: Eight hour print - a high grade of PLA was used as this was the current roll.  
Issues: None, from design to print it worked perfectly, there was a minor issue with the base, although this was not related to the design and was solved by the use of superglue in one corner.
Process: As per the 'norm' on this site at present the process was design in Tinkercad, the .STL then switched to Cura for printing on the Ulitmaker 2+.
What we would do differently: Given the success of the print and the task for the student little would be done differently.  It allowed the student to produce a practical object that had use in the classroom and was successful for the purpose which it was designed and was printed for.  This was the students first design/print.

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