Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3D Printed Student Bookmarks V3.0

Original Bookmark with rafting.
Challenge: As part of the Chapter Chat New Zealand program the students had to design an original 3D Printed Bookmark for use.  The students were Y3/4 students who were designing for the first time - using Tinkercad.
Background: Students were mentored in their use of Tinkercad, the students doing the tutoring were Y6/7 students from another room at the School who had experience in 3D Design and 3D Printing.  This task has been completed with previous prints on this site on two previous occassions.
Level of Difficulty: Low: Students were producing work for the first time using the default setting and were able to produce this work with minimal assistance.
Above: 'Taylah' Bookmark shown to scale.
Size: Varied - the prints in this sequence were designed to work as a bookmark for a regular childrens chapter book hence a size of 15cm to 10cm and then 5cm across at the top.   The Cahill bookmark had a width of 5mm.  The Taylah print was 1cm thick and a little too bulky for its purpose.
Timeframe: The Cahill Print was 45 minutes (8mm nozzle) and the Taylah Print two hours.
Process: The students were shown the process of design and creation with Tinkercad and given a brief of a bookmark.  Otherwise they were able to work to create original designs of their choice.  They were able to share ideas hence the similarities between designs.
What would we do differently:
Nothing.  In this case the prints were impressive for first designs and the students were thrilled with the results - the practicality of the designs meant that they didn't perfectly fit the purpose as they were a little buky, and would have benefitted from having a clip or an insert to allow the bookmark to fully serve its purpose.  

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