Wednesday, July 12, 2017

3D Printed iPod Case

Above - Box and lid together - prior to removal of the 'rafting'.
Challenge - Student who had previously completed the expected introductory tasks was looking to move towards creating more creative and technically difficult print.  He identified that he had an iPod that currently sat on his desk at home when not at use and decided to print a box to use for storage.
Background: Student created the original idea from scratch and as a consequence designed it, measured it and throught about the process and the end product.
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  This was created by a nine year old student however it required a number of compartments and details that required specific measuring and designing.  It was a completely original design from start to finish including a 'drop in lid' and cosiderable rafting which needed to be removed in stages.   The lid and the box were printed separately due to their size.  There was inspiration from this box.
Size: the base was 15cm wide, 10cm across with a depth of 5cm.  The lid was essentially slightly smaller than this so it could drop down into the base.  
Above Viewed from above the compartment visible
Timeframe: Due to its size being slightly smaller than the Ultimaker 2 build plate both major pieces were printed separately.  The lid was printed in an six and a half hour print.   The box was more detailed and required ten hours.
Process: Inspiration came from another student in the classroom with thier 'Mothers Box Design'.  There were elements of that design in this, such as the drop in lid.  The student has previously used Tinkercad to produce basic classroom designs and was looking to stretch himself with a more complex design that would also have a practical use.  
What would we do differently: There was not a a signature/name built as part of the design which is something that could have been included.   The student spoke afterwards and it was suggested that there could have been an insert designed into the box that would have allowed a charger cord to have been plugged directly into the box or a dock option to hold it.  The student himself was extremely pleased with the project and the execution of it.

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