Monday, July 10, 2017

3D Printed Student Desk Organsier

Above: Print on base plate with rafting
Challenge: This student was looking to expand his use of 3D Printer by creating something that was original and also had a practical use for him in the classroom.  The student in this case was a Y6 student who was 11 years old.
Background: Student was inspired by similar prints from other students in this series.  He was looking to ensure that the print was original and had his own spin on previous designs.  He adapted the singular approach of previous desk organizer to include a central cylinder and six additional smaller cylinders for the holding of stationary.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - a basic design in this series has seen a singular cyclinder model, this design improved on the basic design by incorperating additional storage as seen in the pictures.
Viewed from above with storage visible
Size: 15cm by 15cm with a height of 10cm.  The typical prints in this series by the students have featured a greater height however the student felt this design suited the purpose.
Timeframe: Nine hours (8mm nozzle) with a regular print structure.
Process: Designed in Tinkercad, with the basic shapes created using the main default design tools.  The design was then imported into Cura, the design and processing program for 3D Printing on an Ultimaker 2+ and then printed.
What we would do differently: The concept was an improvement on other prints in the series with the adding of additional seperate storage areas for a desk organiser.  Most of the previous designs had included the name of the creator sunk into the design as an insert, this design featured a 'block' at the front that included the students name.

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