Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beginners Guide to 3D Printing

Above: Students 'heart' design
Challenge: Starter for the students to use the 3D Printer in a creative way.  Students were shown Tinkercad and encouraged to come up with a design of thier own choosing independently.
Background: It was the first time the student had used the 3D Printer as the New Zealand school year runs February to December, by this stage (May) some students had not taken an opportunity to use the 3D Printers so they were encouraged to do so. (the machines had been serviced and were previously not available).
Level of Difficulty: Low - student had not previously had any experience with Tinkercad or 3D Printing and this was produced by the student in under five minutes.
Issues: None - student was extremely pleased with the process and the opportunity to produce a novelty item in a short time.
Size: As shown in the photograph - three cm in length.
Timeframe: Thirty minutes.
Process: Tinkercad default used, with the new interface there are a number of objects that are able to be produced instantly, the heart being one of them.  With this produced the only other detail was the hole that was put into the centre (so it could be used as a necklace).  
What would be done differently: This was a positive experience an a relatively straightforward print with an extremely short print time.  Using this format as an introductory lesson or creation process it would be possible to produce an entire classroom worth of design in a short period of time and be able to print on a single printer during a short two or three day period.  The other consideration is due to the print time the students saw the machine operating from start to finish in the classroom.  

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