Saturday, May 6, 2017

3D Printed iPad Stand

Challenge: Once the name plates were completed the students were encouraged to come up with an original design that served a practical purpose, something that they could use.  They were give
As shown from above the completed print
n free reign to come up with any design however the printing of designs was dependant on a filtering process.  Students worked on design in thier own time.
Background: This was a progression from the 'name plate' as mentioned above.  The student wanted to create a stand to hold his iPad in the classroom so it would stand up.
Level of Difficulty: Low-Medium - this task was dependant on the student creating a stand that would would and needed preparation and measurement to ensure that it worked successfully.
Issues: None - this print worked perfectly, however on discussions there were ideas to personalise it (including the students name as a plate on the front) and strengthen the back of it.   It is robust but including a back rod or brace built into the design would allow pressure to be applied to it.  Student was thrilled with result and the project created a buzz with the creator and the other students in the classroom.
Above: The completed print in use
Size: As shown in the photographs a width of 80mm a height of 70mm and 60mm across.  These would probably be the minimum print sizes for the iPad holder to serve its purpose.
Timeframe: Six hours with an Ultimaker 2+ on regular print setting.
Process: The student has shown a desire and creativity to come up with ideas independently of teacher input.  By allowing a print run of an independent project the idea is to encourage the student (who is nine years old) to continue to think of practical applications and uses for the 3D Printer.  Tinkercad was used for the students design, and then the file was converted into Cura.   The print was then completed on an Ultimaker 2+.   (All prints on this site from this point forward unless otherwise mentioned will now follow this process as all machines at our school are now upgraded to Ultimaker 2+ with the newer version of the (free) Cura Software.  We are also using standard print settings and regular filament unless otherwise specified.  The student is already re-designing this print based on feedback given to include his name to personalise it and a brace that will sit at the back of the stand.

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