Tuesday, May 9, 2017

3D Printed iPad Stand - Delux

Above: iPad stand Mark Two
Challenge: To improve the design of the student created iPad stand.
Background: This was a follow up print to one previously designed by the student.  The student had created it independently but as a result of feedback was asked to personalise the stand and also this about providing extra support for the stand by the addition of a bracket at the back.
Above: Brace at back clearly visible
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the original print was a success but the challenge was to add value or additional features to a print that had already been successful.
Size: As previously stated, 80mmx 70mmx 60mm.
Timeframe: Eight hours with the addition of the brace and personalisation of the name, a two hour increase on the original.
Issues: the rafting provided by Cura 2 software was difficult to remove perfectly from the base.
Process: All additional changes to design were carried out by using Tinkercad and then imported again into Cura 2.
What we would do differently: Nothing.  This is a considerable improvement on the original design (which also worked fine) as a display piece and a conversation piece about 3D Printing this is an excellent example of something positive and there is clear progression for the student from his first original design (name plate) to create something with an expressed purpose.

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