Thursday, May 11, 2017

3D Printed Gift Box

Above: Completed in two stages - gift box with lid
Challenge: Student given free range to create an original design piece from scratch.
Background: This student had produced a name plate, was then looking for an additional challenge to really stretch himself.  He came upon the idea of producing a gift box for either Mothers Day (which is this weekend) or for his mothers birthday (if the timeframe would prevent it from being ready).  The student is a nine year old student who was experiencing an opportunity to use the 3D Printer for the first time.
Level of Difficulty: High - this was a challenging print in multiple stages involving significant planning.
Size: The print was constructed in two significant pieces.  The box itself had a 10cm base and width and depth of 10cm.  The lid was 9.5cm by 9.5cm with a depth of 5mm.  This allowed it to fit into the box itself.
Above: Box with interior visible
Timeframe: Box - ten hours.   The lid was initially eight hours and then seven hours with the reprint.
Issues: The lid initially had two aspects to it, the handle pictured above and a rose next to it.  The rose did not print successfully and was removed (as seen by the filament on the lid above).  The handle was removed as a result of printing and detatched the first time it was picked up.  The box itself held a number of objects that were built into the sides of it 'Mum' and a heart on the other three sides.  The box contained considerable rafting to allow it to be layered which had to be removed.  The finish was not perfect on the base when the rafting was removed, but this required some basic sanding and the use of a craft knife.  As a result a repeat print was made of the lid, with the second version having a removal of the rose.
Above: Lid seperate with handle visible
Process: Initial design was created in Tinkercad.  The design was then passed between three students, the one with the original design and then two who contributed tweaks and details to the completed project.
What we would do differently: Not a lot this is an example of a student really pushing himself with his 3D design in creating an intricate project that had parts that related to each other.  The student refined his idea repeatedly to include significant detail and produce an outstanding 3D Print.

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