Friday, May 12, 2017

3D Printed Gift Box lid redesign

The first lid (left) and the refined improved version (right)
Challenge: Following on from the previous sequential print the student was unhappy with the quality of the lid.  He was insistent on redesigning the lid to improve the finish of the print.
Background: As noted in the previous details two aspects of the lid of the Mothers Day Gift Box had not proved successful.   The rose had been printed as part of the lid and then manually removed - which left residual filament on the lid.   The handle for the box detatched when the print was lifted, the lid was increased in size and sunk deeper into the lid to provide more strength and stability.
Level of difficulty: Low the student had got significantly close with the first print, and was given the option of using this lid in the final version.  He wanted to improve its design and was
therefore making adjustments to the print instead of designing a new lid.
Size: 10cm by 10cm to a depth of 5mm.
Timeframe: Seven hours.
Issues: Non - the two probelm areas were successfully addressed.
Process: Tinkercad/Cura, refining of already created work.'
What we would do differently: The student (Y5/9 YO) was driving the design and the process.  He was the one who wanted to reprint and we were happy to allow him to do so, on the basis that he had created an original idea - this should allow a student to move onto greater things in the future and should also be put in the context of the student creating his first challenging print and doing so in his own time to completed the project.

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