Monday, October 24, 2016

Y3/4 3D printed student bookmarks

'Sophie' Bookmark with rafting
Challenge: to produce a working bookmark suitable for a student to use.
Background: Previously at Auroa Primary School in a post from last year the students had created a bookmark as part of the Y34/4 STEM program at Auroa Primary School, a link to the original post is here.  This year the program was repeated, for an hour a week on Fridays and a group of students repeated the task.
Task: For the students to design an original bookmark using Tinkercad and then print.  The students are 8 and 9 year old students at school so this design was their first prints.
Level of Difficulty: Low - however this group of students was young and it was their first.
Issues: Once the students started adding detail to the base some of this detail was floating or did not fit well with the basic material - which caused some phantom air printing, resulted in failed prints.
Size: the 'Sophie' bookmark featured here measured 17cm by 4cm with a 5mm base.   The 'Willa' bookmark was 12cm by 7cm with a depth of 5mm.
Time fame: 'Sophie' was three hours and 'Willa' was four - however the first was printed on the Ultimaker 2+ and the latter on an Ultimaker 2 so some variation was expected.
Process: The students designed the projects directly into Tinkercad which was then converted into Cura for the printing on the 3D printers.
Reflection: As a short and practical introductory task for the students this allowed students to create their first projects.  Refinement and reflection should allow for a degreeing of fine tuning to ensure that the finish project meets the brief.

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