Friday, November 11, 2016

3D Printed: Lawn Mower

Student designed: Lawn Mower print - 18 hours
Challenge: To produce a working model of a Lawn Mower.
Background: A presenter who had heard of the 3D reputation of our school wanted to produce a series of props for presentations, the pieces that he was looking for needed to represent actual objects that people were familiar with.   The props needed to be as life-like as possible.
Task: Student created a representation of a lawn mower using Tinkercad from scratch.
Level of Difficulty: High - the student was creating not an original piece but a copy of a common everyday item.  It had to be recognisable and plausible.
Issues: Rafting caused the wheel to be removed when the rafting was removed.  The filament used was not standard filament (see below) and as a consequence is more difficult to remove.
Size: 18cm by 10cm by 15cm
Timeframe: Regular print settings - eighteen hours.
Process: The student was using the Beta Version of Tinkercad, which had just been released prior to the project being completed.  The print was completed using a different filament from previous prints.  Previously we had used a cheaper 'regular' filament - the Innofil was approximately 50% more expensive but it was clearly visible in the quality of the final printed version.  After consulting with the classroom teacher involved this filament would be preferred for 'show' or demonstration pieces.  The student designed the print from scratch including all aspects of the design.
Reflection: The student responsible for this design has shown talent and creation right from some of his first projects when he was Y5.  He is currently a Y6 student, who is ten years old.  He is able to individually create designs with this detail using free software.  

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