Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Christmas Decorations 3D Glow-in-the-Dark

Bottle design, sans cork
Challenge: to create a decoration for a Christmas Tree designed (from scratch) by students suitable for hanging on a Christmas Tree.
Background: This is a further development of the 'Christmas Decorations' post from earlier in this blog.  Initial designs included run of the mill decorations that were not completely original and involved converting GIF pictures - this design was from scratch, included in it was an innovation - the student created a 'cork' or insert for the top, which would allow this to be hung.
Task: The student was wanting something extra for his first print and thus created the lid/cork which worked as an insert.
Level of Difficulty - Medium - the student wanted to add the extra by having the 'cork' which needed a separate part and able to be inserted into the top thus allowing it to be potentially hung.
Issues: the print was completed with glow-in-the-dark filament, it seems a little flaky compared to the regular and not as smooth.  The cork/lid fitted perfectly at the second attempt, as it needed to be resized from the draft print - however it fitted perfect and was snug which created the avenue for it being hung from a tree (its going to take the place of a star on a family tree!)
the cork/lid with rafting
Size: 11cm in height, 5cm across and a depth of 5mm for the base.  The letters had the deliberate effect of being different sizes with the intention of creating a 'step' look.
Timeframe: Six hours - on a regular print.
Process: Tinkercad (Beta) design from scratch, converted to Cura (new version) and then printed on a regular Ultimaker 2.
Reflection: The Y5 student (ten year old) created the design himself and was able to show good attention to detail and creativity by adding the cork/lid.  The student concerned was thrilled with the result which completed the brief but included an innovation.

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