Sunday, October 23, 2016

3D Printed Christmas Labels

'Mila' label prior to rafting removal
Challenge: To create a label suitable for the naming of a Christmas present.
Background: This task developed organically from the previous task (which is still a work in progress involving 3D Printed Christmas decorations.  As part of this task while awaiting filament and brainstorming potential ideas about other projects students in the classroom came up with the idea of creating labels to individualise presents.   For these students (Y5/6 students - 10 years old) it would be the first time designing original prints on the 3D printers.
Task: To create a label for the identifying/naming of a Christmas present.  Students needed to consider ways to attach the label to the gift and personalise it (with the persons name).
Above: 'Denise' star label
Level of Difficulty: Low - this was the students first individually designed print attempt in most cases.
Issues: In the first two completed examples - 'Mila' print neglected to have an easy attachment location to secure it to the gift (student could potentially have inserted a hole) the 'Denise' star needed to have a more robust base for the name part of the design and potentially the star aspect could have been thicker, however in both of these cases the students should progress from the original design and refine it to meet the brief successfully.
Size: the 'Mila' print was 4cmx4cmx2cm (although the height could easily have been adjusted to 1cm).   The 'Denise' print was 11cmx11cmx1cm - although as noted it potentially could have been increased to make it more robust).
Timeframe: Approximately two hours for both prints (with adjustments in height to 'Mila')
Process: These were designed directly in Tinkercad by the students concerned before being converted to Cura and downloaded for 3D Printing.
Reflection: The tasks is relatively straightforward with the potential for an entire class to produce models/designs in a straight forward manner in a relatively short print time.  This was an introductory task for the classroom that followed a natural progression from the 'Christmas Decorations' print and in many cases featured the students first individual designs.  Further refinement and improvement would be expected as the students bounce ideas off one another and continue to print.

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