Thursday, June 20, 2019

3D Printed Projects: Various Updates

Left: Stationary Holder.   These prints have been attempted and completed before and a number have featured on this blog.   This student designed an original one using basic geometric shapes.  During this process when the printer was in operation and the print was being produced the print 'slipped' producing an effect which is shown left where the layers of the print instead of being smooth were layered.  The student concerned felt that the result (which still worked perfectly despite the appearance) was exceptional, so much so he was keen to try and replicate it (which is not been possible as it always been an accident when occurred and at times has wrecked the print.  This was a major print of significant time - twenty six hours by a ten year old who is developing his 3D Printing Skills.   No further changes needed.

Left: Name Tag/Badge/Key Ring.   These objects have been detailed significantly in the past on this site and can be located by the label menu on the left.    This one was particular pleasing as it was the students first ever 3D Print and there was really positive composition and layout to the print.   The print design was relatively straightforward with some peer mentoring and the student was thrilled with the result.   No further development required a two hour print with the regular settings (4mm nozzle/20% infill for).

Left: Signs for Market Day.   One of the recent significant projects is for a Market Day taking place this coming week.   One group of students are producing inspirational signs on stained wood, where the lettering on the signs has been 3D Printed.   The students are still experimenting with the font size and appearance but some of the developed signs are shown on the left.   This process has been previously detailed on the blog.    The lettering typically is 45mm high and 5mm thick with two hours a sign print time.

 Left: 3D Print Stamp results.   Previously on this blog students have identified and created a stamp by 3D Printing.   This prototype has undergone significant development as we have identified that we can Laser Cut the Rubber and order it online to produce a quality finish close or as good as a commerical stamp.   In this example shown a 3D Printed stamp, detailed here, has been used with regular poster paint (not ink) to produce this image.

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