Monday, June 10, 2019

3D Printed Personalised Magnetic Memo Holder

Challenge: To use a common stationary item (in this case a magnet) and combine this with a 3D Print.
Background: Looking for students to be introduced to 3D Printing by starting with something straightforward and basic the students could easily produce.   The student was ten years old and was producing for thier first time.   The object that they were given were two pin-magnets.   The student decided that she wanted to create a 3D Print linking her name with space for the magnets.   The basic design is familiar to everyone who has seen the main Tinkercad Interface.  The name of the student and then the production of the holes inside the design follow a very similar format to the design of the name badge and key rings.  The total design time for this student took five minutes (for her first print) and this was the complete successful print.
Level of Difficulty: Low this student was able to work this out with minimum input (ie none) from others and worked to complete the finished product independently.
Size: 110mm long, 30mm high and 5mm deep.   This was perfect for the design.
Timeframe: One hours and twenty minutes - given the design the idea was to get someone to produce something in a short timeframe that was going to be successful.
What we would do differently: This student was wanting to produce something in a short time frame.  the hole where the magnets went could have been more precise but worked with the intent.  The student is going to move onto more complex and difficult projects.

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