Tuesday, June 4, 2019

3D Printed Part for a Composite Bow and Arrow

Above: Final draft with the 3D Printed end point visible.
Challenge: Student had a composite hunting bow.  He wanted to produce a replica for a tip of an arrow so he could use it to shoot his bow and arrow.
Background: This came about as the student who is ten years old had purchased a bow and arrow.  As part of this the arrow heads had a plastic attachment and covering.   The student wanted to 3D Print this to allow him to modify it to improve his aim with his bow and arrow.   He had the design in mind when he first had the bow and arrow and thought that by 3D Printing the top of the arrow it would allow him to customize it for his own use.    He experimented with the size of the top of the arrow and by measuring and adjusting it was able to quickly produce a piece that fitted extremely well with the arrow.   The second step was to consider changing the variables.   In nearly every post on this site we've used three consistent - regular PLA and a infill for the print of 20% as well as a 8mm nozzle.  This has been reflected in the need to produce a class (thirty student) set of prints.   This targeted print needs to see these things addressed as we are dealing with something that potentially would benefit from having the variables
Above: The design shown separated.
changed.  Given the print times the student is able to produce a variety of prints quickly that he is then going to test to determine the best fit that produces the best result. 
Level of Difficulty: High - this student while producing a small print is creating something that has a very specific target and he is doing so with a high degree of accuracy needed.   This also needs to be adapted to improve his accuracy and work to improve the use of his hunting bow.
Size: The component pieces for this as shown are relatively small, but need to work in conjunction with the arrow itself - it was relatively small 5mm across by 20mm long.  This is entirely dependant on the length and width of the arrow relative to being able to use it to fire.   The student is going to experiment this with differing length and design.   His key task to identify the best and most accurate way to fire the bow.
Time frame: This print is currently coming in at twenty minutes.   We are expecting this to be considerably altered when the final design has been determined by testing.   This also needs to again address the issue of the variables that are regularly
What we would do differently: Most of the issues that have been addressed with this project have already been mentioned in the other details of the print.   Those things will be working on conjunction with extensive testing and creating of this print.

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