Monday, May 28, 2018

3D Prtinted Badge on stand

Above: Design shown from above
Challenge: For student to produce a unit and personalized badge of themselves, their first 3D Print which they had worked on individually.
Background: Student has been wanting for a considerable time to complete his first significant print.   He had seen projects and designs from other members of the classroom and wanted to experiment with the use of feet as a stand.  He was using standard Tinkercad settings and creation options.   He wanted to involve the 'chicken feet' option for the base of the design.  He also was interested in using the new 'Dinosaur' design that has recently been made available to create.   The design of the name itself was basic and the holes that the student had potentially available were made redundant by the fact that the student decided to mount it on the chicken feet.  These feet proved to be slightly problematic.  The feet themselves are thin when printed and removal of rafting around the base of them can lead to them breaking.  In this case a block need to be attached to the top of the leg, super glued to the base and then held in place until it had set. 
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  The issue was with the feet of the design, and the dinosaurs claws that were on the far side of the design.
Time frame: Four hours for the base of the design (this also included the claws that can be seen in the photograph).   The feet were printed in forty five minutes and the blocks that were used to mount them to the base took forty five minutes.
Size: The main base is 120mm by 60mm.  It had a width of 20mm.   The feet are shown to scale.
What we would do differently: The project was more of an attempt for a student to try his hand at 3D Printing for the first time that produce a completely coherent print.   The student was very positive about the experience and enjoyed the final product.   He thought that the chicken legs were unique.  The base with his name raised into it was basic and could have had the students name with a capital letter.  There was no need for the hole in the base of the design, this was created to hang the design from the wall. 
Next steps for the student: This student has taken his first steps with 3D Printing and has made considerable steps and plans already with more complex projects.

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