Tuesday, May 8, 2018

3D Printed Storage Stand w/Drawer

Challenge:  Produce a stand, with drawer storage that is personalized.
Background: Student wanted to produce a personalized, individualized storage stand, with a working drawer.  The drawer in this print came as an 'off print' from the 'horse head' drawer.   Wanting to use this draw for another project it was given to a student who was tasked with producing a storage container that fitted with the original draw.   The student was able to produce the storage part of the design (shown clearly in black) that matched perfectly with the drawer at the first attempt.  Following this, the student designed a Alvin and the Chipmunks design (sourced from online on Tinkercad) to mount on top of the design.   The student concerned with this design is nine years old, using a 3D Printer for the first time in the classroom (since in New Zealand starts school in February we are looking at a four month time frame.
Level of Difficulty: Medium-High.  This print is involving a series of prints, with the drawer and the base working in conjunction with each other.   If the draw was not perfectly working in unison with the storage box then the entire design would not work.
Time frame:   There are a number of component parts to this print. 
The black back storage base took sixteen hours to print.   The drawer that is grey, inserted in to the base took three hours to print.   The 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' design to be mounted on the front of the design took three hours to print.  On this basis for the entire print from start to finish was twenty two hours.   Some adjustment would need to be made to the design (see below) to replace the
lettering and the design on the back of the storage box.
Size: The base of the design (black PLA) was 145mm long, 100mm wide and 20mm high.  At the back of the design the base was 80mm high.   The drawer (grey PLA) 85mm wide, 115mm long, 17mm high and between 10mm and 25mm thick.   The Alvin and the Chipmunk part of the design was essentially 70mm across and 50mm high. 
What we would do differently: Part of the design did not work.  We had discussed with the student not putting words on the rear of the design, below the unicorn design (see left).   The removal of the rafting on the design was not possible without removing some of the lettering.    The lettering should have been printed separately (almost certainly it would have been with a different PLA) and then super-glued onto the design.   The student has also considered to put her name on the top of the design in front of the Chipmunks.
Next Steps for the Student: The student has essentially mastered this design, with the exception of the lettering on the base of the design.   The student could look for additional ways to open the drawer. 

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