Saturday, May 12, 2018

3D Printed Stand - Recycling Projects

Above: Project shown from above
Challenge: Student was challenged to use a previous print, that had not be successful and create something individualised, that had a purpose.   The student choose initially to select the base of the 3D Printed Glow-In-the-Dark base.   Student then choose to mount two unicorns on the base.  Student is nine years old.
Background: One of this students first print was the Glow-In-the-Dark horse, featured on this site, which was a single print.   The  student had been extremely pleased with this, however there were some issues with the strengths of the legs, which were particularly thin.   The student lost the model as the result of an accident and as a consequence wanted to do something proactive with the base.  Given that it was glow in the dark filamaent, the student decided to mount regular PLA printed objects or designs on the base, with the intention that the base would create a glow, which would be then reflected by the objects on top, hence white was choosen for the design.  The unicorns were sourced from Tinkercad and were not designed by the student involved.   They were choosen by the student
Above: Unicorn shown with foot of horse visable,
because they had a squat flat base, which the student felt would prove more stable than the previous design. 
Level of Difficutly: Low - the student was not directly involved in the creation of specific parts of the design.  The base was a simple rectangle expanded, the Unicorns were sourced from freely available Tinkercad projects.  The student was challenged by the front of the design, in the earlier 'Horse' print the student had attempted to sink her name into the design of the plate.   Her solution to this was to produce a white filament plate to cover the space were the name had attempted to be placed.   The glow-in-the-dark filament is striking and effective however we have had issues withs detailing and finer points of design.  Because the details for the name was sunk into the plate the PLA could not really be removed to have a strong effect from the lettering.  Finally the hooves of the horse could not be removed completly from the base, we attempted to use sandpaper to remove them, however this proved to less than satisfactory and was not completed, the hooves were considered to be a minor issue as they are 1mm-2mm.
Timeframe: The total print time for this project was seventeen hours.   The two unicorns that were mounted on the base took five hours to print each.  The base was seven hours.  While the name plate has not been added to the project, the time for this is expected to be no more than one hour.
Size: The size of hte base of the plate for this print is a rectangle.   It has a width of 20mm.  It was 200mm long and 120mm wide.  The unicorns were 50mm by 50mm and 80mm high.
What we would do differently: The student was the driver behind this print, hence her desire to use the Unicorn prints and designs.  Ideally the student could have designed something original herself but she was intent on using the pre-designed Unicorns for the print.   We have had a number of prints this year that have not worked and are looking to use them in some way, another example of this has been the draws that were not size appropirate for meaning that new storage is created.
Next Steps for Students: To look to in ways to use prints that have not worked.   The student who is working on this is having the first year in the classroom using a 3D Printer,       

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